The Trudeau – Sweet & Salty Banana Pancakes with Bacon

The Trudeau

Sweet and hot, like Canada’s prime minister.

The first time I had banana pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, I was eight years old, having breakfast with my mom in downtown Toronto. They were so amazing and created such a strong memory that I still know what my mom had – eggs Benedict – and what the mural on the wall was – a big tree and flowering garden. Read on to get the recipe… Read More


Dubray Books, Finn’s World & Turf n’ Surf Competition


Afternoon folks, hope you’re all gearing up for a lovely weekend! I’m really excited to share the details of a competition I’m running at the moment with the wonderful Dubray Book and Turf n’ Surf here in Bundoran.

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#GIRLBOSS – Inspiration for the creatives, the wannabe self employed and those who have yet to figure out what the f*** to do


I’ve always found those kids who are like “I’m going to be a doctor!” (at age 4) fascinating. But in the way that you find another species, like, interesting, but certainly not you. In my formative years I wanted to be a cowboy (this one hasn’t entirely gone away, you should see my boot collection), a lawyer (so I could win arguments and wear a powersuit), an artist, a fashion designer, an oil rig geologist, a seismologist, a dolphin trainer (later I realised how horrible this would be) and I used to torment my mom saying I just wanted to be a trophy wife with really big hair. How was I ever going to know what to do? Read More


Healthy Skin & Hair via Your Kitchen

I wasn’t sure before if I wanted to post this blog but after finding the amazing blog that is The Poor Girls Pantry it reminded me again the divide between “healthy and natural” (read expensive and unattainable) and “normal” (read processed, packaged and full of crap). It took me a long while to realise that as the skin is actually the largest organ in the body, what we put on our skin is important just like the food we nourish ourselves with. Now while I like to treat myself once (every few years..) to some Dr Hauska goodies, this is so not my usual skincare budget. And with sensitive skin that likes to go a pretty shade of violet with the application of a store bought facemask, it was time to figure out a natural but affordable way to look after my skin. Read on for my top tips and recipes for healthy skin and hair and a bit of pampering!  Read More

Finn’s World Cooking, Baking and Farming Playlist



Cooking, Baking and Farming Playlist

For me, cooking is active and exciting so there is a lot of classic rock in this playlist. But baking is something I either do early in the morning or late at night so a more relaxed vibe is in order. Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cardboard – Thick Crust Pizza

gluten-free pizza Everyone has that dish that if someone said you couldn’t eat it, you’d shoot them. For me it’s pizza. I love Italian food, but mostly I love pizza. When GF pizzas started to pop up it was like the fates were taunting me. Read More

Oh, Bollox, I’m a Coeliac – Dealing with Social Anxiety around Eating Out


Oh, Bollox, I’m a Coeliac – Dealing with Social Anxiety around Eating Out

If you’ve recently been diagnosed as a coeliac, or you find that gluten has a really bad effect on you, this section is especially for you. Equally, if you have a glutenfree human in your life, this chunk is well worth a read to help you make their life a little easier, safer and more relaxing. Read More


April Adventures – Finn’s World Book Release, Shore Shots Surf Film Festival


Hi guys, oh my god it has been such an exciting two weeks.

This week’s blog is just a little different as it is kind of an update of some awesome events I just did and also a bit of a line up of what is coming up in the next two weeks, if any of you lovely humans would like to join me! Read More


Tres Chicas y Una Furgoneta -Three Girls & One Camper Van Episode One


Last month myself and two of my girlies Arantxa & Aoife teamed up with the awesome Vans & Sands for a camper van trip around the island of Tenerife. Last year when I came back from Tenerife I realised how many people thought it was just this super touristy tacky place. This just didn’t sit with my idea of a mini glittering Hawaii just a stones through from Europe. So this year with the girls I set out to disprove the theory.


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Food is Love – The Importance of Comfort Food

When I was little at home my mom and I used to joke that “food is love”, because our cat Emma only seemed to show us affection when she wanted her dinner. But when I watched the film Burnt with Sienna Miller and she said “at its best food is [an expression] of sustaining someone with love” I realised that what my mom and I said was not so unique after all. Read More