Christmas Hot Chocolate – With a Naughty Pinch of Spice

Folks, I’m so sorry. I tried. I tried to wait. I tried to wait till December. I pretended to myself that I was a grown up and didnt need to think about Christmas till well into December. Well Bahumbug to that former self!! Driving up through the snowy mountains of Donegal Friday morning I just lost my shit. The hills covered in snow, the nip in the air! My poor fella was subjected to my spontaneous combustion of Christmas Carol singing at 8.30am. On that festive note folks, I took to Instagram to hear what ou guys might like to read next and while healthy tips for winter was a big one, the winner was decadent Christmas hot chocolate. So read on for a cup of delight that would warm the heart of Scrooge himself.

Finn's Christmas Hot Chocolate

Christmas Hot Chocolate Recipe

Serves 2

Ingredients – basic recipes see variation below

2 cups of cold milk of your choice – I’ve been using goats milk these days, but its a little strong for some
2 tsp cornflour
120g?? Dark chocolate broken into pieces
1 tbsp coconut blossom sugar (if you’ve a fierce sweet tooth)

To give the hot chocolate a real wow factor add any of the following
A pinch of chilli flakes
1/2-1 tsp of my speculaas spice or allspice (see blog here, its an uh-mazing Dutch Christmas blend)
1 tsp vanilla extract – recipe here

I’m one of those luddites who doesn’t own a microwave and I believe the method part of the cosiness of this hot chocolate.

So place a small sauce pan over a medium heat and add the milk. Then in a bowl or cup add the cornflour with a dash of milk and stir till it forms a runny paste.

As the milk begins to heat up – steaming a bit – add the chocolate pieces, the cornflour paste, your choice of flavour and add the sugar if you’re using it.

Whisk it all vigoursly and it will start to thicken into a rich decadent hot chocolate. Poor into pretty cups and serve straight away.

To Serve

I like to add a sprinkle of whatever spices you had in the mix and maybe some marshmallows!

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