If you’re looking to chat about working on a writing piece, collaboration, workshop or catering an event please get in contact via the email

While gluten free is my speciality, I also cater for dairy free, nut free and other specific dietary requirements. Though I don’t follow the paleo or vegan diets to the letter myself, I a have lots of experience catering in these areas and love working with these briefs in mind!

If you would like a peak at some more of my work check out the social media for Fins Fit Food;





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  1. Hello Fin

    You called to our stand at Nutramara event in Dublin and I mislaid my contact no and I found them in the last few days.

    We are based in Rosaveal in co Galway and we provide organic seaweed products whole leaf or milled .

    If you still have any interest feel free to ask any questions or quote for prices .

    We can do DULSE .Sweet kelp.Atlantic wakama ,sealettuce .Kombu kelp ,Bladderwrack .

    Kind regards
    Noel lee

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