Four Simple Steps for a Happier Healthier January


Guys, I just cant do it. I can’t sit back and wave a green smoothy in your face and pretend January is going to be easy and that we are all going to be high-fiving each other post-hot-yoga class from now until the end of 2018. But if you would like some simple ideas for how I’m planning to have a happier healthier and productive January. Read on!

I may have had to call a sickie on New Years Eve night (I had had plenty of party party all of Christmas week, so it was probably for the best) but I was still all gung-ho about starting the New Year a renewed and better person. I was writing out my goals, plans, affirmations. I may have even done some tarot cards, but I’ll never substantiate that one. New Year. New Me.

Three days in, you would be forgiven for thinking “shame s***, different year”. We cannot miraculously change overnight and neither can our circumstances. Perhaps in my fever, I forgot that a) I was still sick, b) we’ve all spent too much money and c) no matter how well intentioned you are, its is a bit hard to fights the SADS when EVERYTHING in town in closed for a month and a massive storm hits.

SO what am I going to do about it? Some simple ideas, read on dear reader and let me know what you think! I’ll just give a quick bit on each but do go look the different ideas up on Youtube, that’s my go to for an interesting way to get more detail!

Get Up Earlier

I didnt say mad early (Americans seem to like getting up at 4am and the like), just EARLIER. So while 7am was nothing fancy to me back in college. I’m aiming for 6am, just on week days. First day starts tomorrow! Super simple folks, while the world is quiet, you get a moment to breath, have cup of tea and maybe either get some exercise in or do that nagging bit of work done.

Go to Bed Earlier

Did ya see that one coming? I’ve been struggling with this the most, so I’m going to say 12 at the latest working my way back to 10.30/11 and see how I go. Simple fact, I wont be getting up early if I aint’ getting my 7 hours of shut eye.

Veganuary Light

January is grim enough not to be depressing yourself with resolutions you cant keep. With that in mind to feel a little healthier, do a little more for my planet (and maybe save a little money), I’m switching to plant based as much as possible. While not beating myself up for the occasional milk in the tea or when I’m travelling.

Less Social Media

The FOMO we get from social media is bad enough during the rest of the year, but I feel for Jan we really need to be mindful of what we are mindlessly scrolling through. The easiest thing I find is to check in with yourself after you’ve been sucked into the scrolling vortex. Do you feel better or worse about yourself? And maybe its different on different platforms, bear with me, it might sound silly but please try it e.g. I feel like I’m wasting life when I scroll through Facebook, I like insta when I’m following stories of people doing interesting things (but should avoid the pages of people who have similar jobs to me, but appear to have bags more money/live in a better climate) and I actually find Pinterest very inspiration for recipes and ways to do up my gaff/make cool shit from seaglass.

So guys, only four changes, unless you count deciding not to delete Netflix (the documentaries on there are cool man!), but I’m hoping they’ll create big results in terms on my day to day happiness, productivity and health for the coming month. For some more inspiration on how to make healthier cheaper this year check out this post here and for  a very cool tool to set some intention to you year read here. Wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest New Year this January!!!

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