The Ketogenic Kitchen – Edibles & Energy Levels

I was feeling a bit meh last week and it occurred to me that as well as going like the absolute clappers (as my mom would say) for the last few months, I’ve also let me diet slip a lot lately. While my activity level is still pretty high, things like regular pizzas, crisps and generally just crap have been slipping in on a more and more regular basis. It’s left me feeling, meh, bloated and tired.

I knew I needed a bit of a change. After reading the book Natural Born Heroes (for the second time!) while I was away at sea last month, it got me thinking again about how, in my more powerlifting/bodybuilding type training days I ate way less carbs and a lot more protein. Not for the sake of looking good, just for the energy factor. How had I forgotten that? Especially at sea when you have no control over you diet there tends to be a lot of carb eating. It also tends to keep you stomach more settled (think a big bowl of mashed potatoes during a rough day at sea).

But it got me thinking, it was time to turn my food pyramid on its head again. So last week the lovely folks at Gill books were kind enough to send me The Ketogenic Kitchen (which I have been lustying after FOREVER) and this coupled perfectly with what I was reading in NBH. Lower carb, moderate protein and higher fat. Just like our ancestors used to do. While I’m not a religious follower of the paleo diet (I hate food trends) a lot of it does sit well with me. So instead of going into detail here, go have a read for yourself. Domini Kemp and ketongenic diet here and give paleo diet a google (I wasn’t happy with any one sites description of it, so I shall leave you to your research if you’re keen).


So for last weeks groceries I designed my meals around the first half of the cookbooks guidelines. Not too strict just high fat and low carb and right away I felt the difference. The water weight I was holding around my stomach was gone and my energy levels were on the rise.

To give you guys a taste (literally) of what this way of eating is like I’ve shared below some of the dishes I made that week. Namely my take on the Rhuhbarb Clafoutis and a cauliflower based pizza from the cookbook for you to try. I dont know if I’ll be giving up my Greek yogurt GF pizza bases anytime soon, but the fella LOVED the cauliflower one. A very good sign! I’m reducing my dairy intake a bit at the moment so I had the clafoutis with a dollop of soy and coconut yogurt and added a little honey over the top for some extra sweetness (again I’m taking the gentle approach not going full keto)!

IMG_1174 IMG_1187 IMG_1190 IMG_1194 IMG_1195

20731170_10214344908807055_1572949184_n 20751349_10214344908767054_821979307_nThe Ketogenic Cookbook is available in all good booksellers nationwide and online from

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