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I wasn’t sure before if I wanted to post this blog but after finding the amazing blog that is The Poor Girls Pantry it reminded me again the divide between “healthy and natural” (read expensive and unattainable) and “normal” (read processed, packaged and full of crap). It took me a long while to realise that as the skin is actually the largest organ in the body, what we put on our skin is important just like the food we nourish ourselves with. Now while I like to treat myself once (every few years..) to some Dr Hauska goodies, this is so not my usual skincare budget. And with sensitive skin that likes to go a pretty shade of violet with the application of a store bought facemask, it was time to figure out a natural but affordable way to look after my skin. Read on for my top tips and recipes for healthy skin and hair and a bit of pampering! 

With that in mind my skin (and hair) is looking a bit knackered at the moment thanks to all the leggin it around and forgetting moisturiser and conditioner after being in the sea.

So today I’ve decided to do a little DIY pampering and figured why not share these tasty (not exactly edible) recipes. This may be more so one for the girls, but I think secretly guys enjoy a little TLC too!

So without further ado here’s my favourite home concocted recipes for a body scrub (tan ready!), hair treatment and facial. Extra brownie points if you treat yourself to an epsom salts bath beforehand with candles and many many herbal teas.

If you’re keen to let someone else do the pampering, I had an absolutely amazing seaweed bath with Bundoran Seaweed Baths a few weeks back (their site here). A bath, tea, face masks and chilling out watching the sunset.

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Coffee Body Scrub

There’s plenty of good reading material out there on how bad generic commercial body scrubs are for the environment (because they use micro beads of plastic that the lovely critters in the ocean mistake for food), but I also find some of the more natural ones can also just be a little bit of a rip off. Why am I paying €20 for an effect I could probably get if I just rolled around in the sand for a bit? That said sand, or the more common homemade scrubs made with sugar, are a little abrasive to me. Instead? Coffee grinds! You can either use the ones you’ve just made a coffee with or fresh (if its the evening). Not so coarse, smells great and maybe it is my imagination, but also feels a little tingly.

IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136

Mix 1-2 tbsp of coffee grinds with body lotion (or shower gel) and in the shower scrub-a-dub-dub and then rinse with your favourite shower gel or soap.

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Have you ever got a hot oil treatment in a salon? It is awesome. But also about €20. At home I love to do this treatment if I’m puttering around doing housework or even working at my computer. I’m not a beauty guru, but a quick Google search will tell you all the wonders of coconut oil. I would love to do this once a week, but realistically its more like once a month. Being blonde and also being in the sea a lot my hair can look pretty ratty pretty fast so this is great for getting the shine back.


Melt 2-3 tbsp of raw cold pressed coconut oil (gently on the stove or in the microwave, make sure its not hot when you’re applying it to your head!). Run it all through the length of your hair with your hands or a comb. Wrap your hair around your head (see the pic) and then wrap in tinfoil! You will look like a crazy person trying to communicate with aliens, but it is great for trapping the natural heat from your head. Then pop on a hat (to further keen in the heat). Leave it on as long as you like and then wash and condition as you usually would. I usually wash it twice.

Egg-cellent facial

Again I say, I am not a beauty guru, but I use these videos from  BabamitsANNE and Brazilian Girlas a guide for using a (free range!) egg as a pore strip and also for a face mask.

I also love to use plain honey as a super simple mask, honey is meant to be antibacterial (much loved in ancient egyptian beauty) or if I’m feeling really fancy I make a mask with powdered nori and dulse seaweed and a bit of mashed avocado. Seawater has 27 different minerals as well as a host of other lovely benefits (see the image from nature helps me).

After I’ve either followed the video for the egg mask or left my seaweed one on for p to 20 minutes, I rinse my face and use rosewater as a toner. As apposed to astringent store bought toners rose water is really mild on the skin. If my skin has been dry I apply a very thin layer of coconut oil. If my skin has been a bit oily (the joys of combination skin) I use Weleda’s Calendula baby face cream (a top tip from the lady in the healthfood store for sensitive skin).

So there you go folks, a quick run through of my favourite natural home beauty treatments, I’d love to hear your input too if you’ve any homemade rituals you’d recommend!

I’m also really looking forward to trying this match mask (also from Brazilian Girl!).

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