The Ketogenic Kitchen – Edibles & Energy Levels

I was feeling a bit meh last week and it occurred to me that as well as going like the absolute clappers (as my mom would say) for the last few months, I’ve also let me diet slip a lot lately. While my activity level is still pretty high, things like regular pizzas, crisps and generally just crap have been slipping in on a more and more regular basis. It’s left me feeling, meh, bloated and tired.
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Waking up with 20/20 – My Laser Eye Surgery Experience


It’s funny even though I had chatted so much to the Wellington Eye Clinic staff before going in for my consultation I was still a little nervous, I was afraid that years of surfing and swimming in the sea coupled with a stint last year of wearing very cheap contact lenses (please people NEVER NEVER do that to your eyes, I was very lucky not to suffer serious damage) that my eyes would be fit for laser eye surgery. This is something that I think it is important to be aware of, but if you let the clinic know in advance that you suffer from dry eyes or anything like that they can let you know what to do in advance to have healthier eyes by the time you come in. Since I had been following this advice then nerves were mostly drowned out with excitement. This was actually happening! Read More


Seeing is Believing – My Laser Eye Surgery with the Wellington Eye Clinic

I was one of those lucky little ducks who for all my young life (till age 16) had perfect eyesight. Want to know what that bird is out to sea? Ask Finn. Need to know what number bus is at the end of the road in the dark? I got you!

And just towards the end of secondary school (’m looking at you leaving cert) everything started to get a little fuzzy. Damn genetics. Like my mother, grandmother and basically everyone else in my family, I needed glasses.

Now don’t shoot me here. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with glasses. Some people wear them and they look just effortlessly cool, more intelligent, maybe even a little French. I just look uncomfortable. Read on to find out about my laser eye surgery journey here.

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The Trudeau – Sweet & Salty Banana Pancakes with Bacon

The Trudeau

Sweet and hot, like Canada’s prime minister.

The first time I had banana pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, I was eight years old, having breakfast with my mom in downtown Toronto. They were so amazing and created such a strong memory that I still know what my mom had – eggs Benedict – and what the mural on the wall was – a big tree and flowering garden. Read on to get the recipe… Read More


Dubray Books, Finn’s World & Turf n’ Surf Competition


Afternoon folks, hope you’re all gearing up for a lovely weekend! I’m really excited to share the details of a competition I’m running at the moment with the wonderful Dubray Book and Turf n’ Surf here in Bundoran.

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#GIRLBOSS – Inspiration for the creatives, the wannabe self employed and those who have yet to figure out what the f*** to do


I’ve always found those kids who are like “I’m going to be a doctor!” (at age 4) fascinating. But in the way that you find another species, like, interesting, but certainly not you. In my formative years I wanted to be a cowboy (this one hasn’t entirely gone away, you should see my boot collection), a lawyer (so I could win arguments and wear a powersuit), an artist, a fashion designer, an oil rig geologist, a seismologist, a dolphin trainer (later I realised how horrible this would be) and I used to torment my mom saying I just wanted to be a trophy wife with really big hair. How was I ever going to know what to do? Read More


Healthy Skin & Hair via Your Kitchen

I wasn’t sure before if I wanted to post this blog but after finding the amazing blog that is The Poor Girls Pantry it reminded me again the divide between “healthy and natural” (read expensive and unattainable) and “normal” (read processed, packaged and full of crap). It took me a long while to realise that as the skin is actually the largest organ in the body, what we put on our skin is important just like the food we nourish ourselves with. Now while I like to treat myself once (every few years..) to some Dr Hauska goodies, this is so not my usual skincare budget. And with sensitive skin that likes to go a pretty shade of violet with the application of a store bought facemask, it was time to figure out a natural but affordable way to look after my skin. Read on for my top tips and recipes for healthy skin and hair and a bit of pampering!  Read More

Finn’s World Cooking, Baking and Farming Playlist



Cooking, Baking and Farming Playlist

For me, cooking is active and exciting so there is a lot of classic rock in this playlist. But baking is something I either do early in the morning or late at night so a more relaxed vibe is in order. Read More

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cardboard – Thick Crust Pizza

gluten-free pizza Everyone has that dish that if someone said you couldn’t eat it, you’d shoot them. For me it’s pizza. I love Italian food, but mostly I love pizza. When GF pizzas started to pop up it was like the fates were taunting me. Read More

Oh, Bollox, I’m a Coeliac – Dealing with Social Anxiety around Eating Out


Oh, Bollox, I’m a Coeliac – Dealing with Social Anxiety around Eating Out

If you’ve recently been diagnosed as a coeliac, or you find that gluten has a really bad effect on you, this section is especially for you. Equally, if you have a glutenfree human in your life, this chunk is well worth a read to help you make their life a little easier, safer and more relaxing. Read More

Praise for Finn’s World

"Finn is both sophisticated and wild, like her food and her surfboard!" - Susan Jane White, Bestselling cookbook author, Food Nut and Independent Columnist extraordinaire

"Finn's funs and refreshing recipes reflect her love of nature and the outdoors". - Katie Jane Sanderson, Chef, Creator of Dillisk, Living Dinners & many other wonderful food projects

"It’s an exuberant, youthful work, in which the recipes happen to be gluten-free but are also simple and inexpensive to make." - The Irish Times

"...Finn Ní Fhaoláin has become Ireland’s latest foodie sensation..." - www.buzz.ie