April Adventures – Finn’s World Book Release, Shore Shots Surf Film Festival


Hi guys, oh my god it has been such an exciting two weeks.

This week’s blog is just a little different as it is kind of an update of some awesome events I just did and also a bit of a line up of what is coming up in the next two weeks, if any of you lovely humans would like to join me! Read More


Tres Chicas y Una Furgoneta -Three Girls & One Camper Van Episode One


Last month myself and two of my girlies Arantxa & Aoife teamed up with the awesome Vans & Sands for a camper van trip around the island of Tenerife. Last year when I came back from Tenerife I realised how many people thought it was just this super touristy tacky place. This just didn’t sit with my idea of a mini glittering Hawaii just a stones through from Europe. So this year with the girls I set out to disprove the theory.


IMG_5379 Read More


Food is Love – The Importance of Comfort Food

When I was little at home my mom and I used to joke that “food is love”, because our cat Emma only seemed to show us affection when she wanted her dinner. But when I watched the film Burnt with Sienna Miller and she said “at its best food is [an expression] of sustaining someone with love” I realised that what my mom and I said was not so unique after all. Read More


Greenin’ It for Paddy’s Day – Emerald Pancakes & Eco Products

Morning folks and a very happy St Patricks Day to everybody.  Read More


My Top 5 Ocean Tedx Talks to Inspire & Inform

One reason I transitioned from ocean to foodie work is that it’s easy and measurable to see the positive impact of helping other people eat a healthy and more affordable diet. Humans can verbalise it “thanks Finn that corn pasta suggestion was great, I dont feel so tired after dinner”. But with all the death, destruction and melting ice caps I learned about in college it was hard to keep pushing on trying to make a positive change for the worlds oceans when I am after all, just a drop. So while it can be very educational to watch the likes of The Cove or Blackfish, if you, like me, tend to find this kind of watching a little too traumatising in large quantities try these bite sized calls to action instead. Read More


Giving in to the Greens – Hemp Juice Smoothie

Contrary to normal health food culture, I’m generally not into smoothies and don’t use whey protein shakes so much anymore after training. At the moment the one and only exception to the rule is this delicious hemp juice smoothie. That sentence even looks funny to me don’t worry, but the taste is sweet and clean and its a great way to get your greens in quick and fuss free!

This smoothie/protein shake is very handy as I’m a two breakfast kind of girl. I like to have something the moment I get up and then another little nibble around 11am so this is perfect for either or.


I’m only now delving into using hemp juice as a supplement to my diet as I’ve been in need of an immune boost over the winter. Check out Kama Hemp’s site for more details here for the various health benefits and more recipes on how to use it.

This is also my first introduction of vegan protein powder. I’ve been trying to cut down on the dairy a wee bit (I’m a cheese fiend) so I wanted to have a go at something that wasn’t whey based. While I did find Sun Warrior very steep on price a little goes a long way and I tend to only pop half a scoop in my smoothie. This breakfast smoothie has me feeling like the energiser bunny without all of the fruit sugars packed into your standard one!


1-2 big handfuls spinach


1/2 – 1 banana


1/2 – 1 scoop Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder


1/4 cup gluten free oats (small handful)


2 cubes frozen hemp juice


1 cup water

Hemp Juice Smoothie Time

Layer the ingredients up in a hand blender container (or if you’ve a blender just lash it all in) and blend away to your hearts content. Depending on the level of thickness you like just add more or less water.


I like to add a little splash of maple syrup if I’ve put in less banana and for a bit of texture I like to add toasted coconut on top.



Sunshine on a Grey Day – Strawberry Chia Jam Recipe

Good afternoon guys. It’s such a blustery cold day out today that I felt I needed to put up a recipe with a little sunshine in it. I think I’ve raved to a lot of people about the wonders of fresh chia seed jams, but then was surprised to realise I had never actually put the recipe up on the blog!

This recipe for strawberry jam is so handy and so tasty that I honestly don’t buy the regular stuff anymore. This gives you all the sweetness you need without any of the crap. I’ve used strawberries here, but I often use mixed forest berries or raspberries as well. You can also be more adventurous, I’d say this could be insanely good with pineapple.

Anyhow without further adieu….. Read More


Surfer Girls SOS Beauty Bag – Guest Blog by Taralouise McCaughey

Well this is exciting! My first collaboration!
And there is no better person to be doing it with, than the lovely Finn of Fins Fit Food.

Finn and I have worked together before, and I’ve fallen in love with her and her cooking. I had never tasted gluten free food in the past, and had no real interest to be honest, but now I’m obsessed! Even though I’m not a coeliac and didn’t eat that healthily all the time, Finn’s Instagram page has inspired me so much. It really is like something out of a cookbook, which is not surprising, as her very own cookbook will be available soon!

I met up with Finn a few days ago, to talk about writing something for each other’s blog. Now, as any of my followers will know, I’m a big makeup lover and have given Finn a few tips on basic beauty and lazy-day makeup. This is how Dr PawPaw lip and cheek tint came to her rescue, which she has now adapted to suit her surfing lifestyle. Finn even wore Dr PawPaw for our meeting, which put a smile on my face knowing that at least one person had taken my advice!

Anyway, during our meeting Finn asked me about creating a “rescue bag” for surfer girls. Now I’m not going to lie, the last time I surfed was four years ago and I highly doubt my wetsuit would get past my arse these days, although my surfboard does look brilliant holding up my washing…. Still, I listened to Finn, and a few local surfer girls, who told me what effect sea water, constant sun, wind and rain has on their hair and skin.
Now, hopefully, my little guide will help a few of you beautiful surfer girls keep your skin and hair in tip-top condition…. Read More


Surfer Girls Weekend


People dont always think of holidaying close to home, let alone 50 minutes from where they live. But this weekend myself and one of my best friends and surfer girls Aoife, did just that. I live in the little seaside town of Bundoran in Donegal. But down the coast in Sligo is another lovely spot called Strandhill. This is where I first learned to surf 10 years ago so it was awesome to get to go back to surf, cook, go on random adventures and seriously relax after what has been a busy few months. Read More

finn cookbook-4534

A Year and A Day – Donegal Living and a chilled weekends reading

Hi Folks!


I hope we’re all well this fine sunny Sunday! Just a short little blog running into a busy week. It was so awesome to be featured in the Indo this weekend talking about my beloved adopted county Donegal you can find the link to that article here. Read More

Praise for Finn’s World

"Finn is both sophisticated and wild, like her food and her surfboard!" - Susan Jane White, Bestselling cookbook author, Food Nut and Independent Columnist extraordinaire

"Finn's funs and refreshing recipes reflect her love of nature and the outdoors". - Katie Jane Sanderson, Chef, Creator of Dillisk, Living Dinners & many other wonderful food projects

"It’s an exuberant, youthful work, in which the recipes happen to be gluten-free but are also simple and inexpensive to make." - The Irish Times

"...Finn Ní Fhaoláin has become Ireland’s latest foodie sensation..." - www.buzz.ie