Kombucha – Look after your gut this Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year for tasty treats, parties and (for me anyway) a few hot ports. All of this can leave us feeling a bit bloated and lethargic to say the least.  Christmas has come early for me this year in the form of a kombuch scobi. What on earth is a scobi you ask?  Read More


Get up & Gofio – A Gluten Free Superfood for Breakfast


Normally I shy away from the word “superfood”, I think food marketing folks use it to deceive innocent shoppers. They’re like “add this mysterious green powder to your breakfast and you can eat all the shite food you want to all day after that”. To me a superfood is something that a) bolsters my diet in some amazing way – like physillium husks for fibre, chia seeds to replace eggs, coconut oil for, well, everything – or b) keeps me full for a long time. The combination of being a little person with an active metabolism and living in a cold climate means I’m fairly hungry a lot of the time! Read More


Speculaas – A New Christmas flavour to spice up the holidays

You know the feeling you get when you get new clothes, a new video game or master a new sport? Well strangely enough, I get that feeling from tasting a taste I’ve never tasted before. Of the top of my head the “normal flavours” I would have encountered with my family meals as a child were – Italian, american, indian, french and a little Mexican.

Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a bit of flavour rut, so I get very very very excited when I figure out how to use an new ingredient. The star of the hour? Mace! Read More


Aquatic Fright – My Top 5 Sea Scary Films for This Halloween

So myself and my friend Aoife have great ambitions for our costumes this coming Halloween, but with a few days of parties coming up, that’s quite a few hours of costume prep.

How on earth will we occupy ourselves?

Firstly we might have a go at these witches fingers from the Happy Pear (video here) and then balance out our nerves with a Zombie Cocktail from Jamie Oliver (video here). Read More


#WATOBER – What it is? How do I get involved?

So hopefully if you’re reading this post you’ve already found my two previous posts from last year explaining #watober (but if not follow the link here and here). But here is the gist anyhow, welcome.

Last year before starting to work for myself I had been a year out of college, desperately looking for work in my area of study and totally confused about what was going to happen next. Would I emigrate? Work a shit minimum wage job? Change profession entirely before my career had even really kicked off? I had had to move home to my mothers house after many years of independant. I was stone cold broke and still paying off the loan for the masters degree that had yet to land me any work.

Happy days all round.

I’ve always liked to take a relatively proactive approach to feeling crappy, so on this particular morning (which just so happened to be the first of October) I drove to the gym. Which at the time was my main source of sanity and did a fairly intense workout. The trainer and I had even previously discussed how we thought the gym was a great source of natural antidepressants.


last year’s posts with numbers and cameo animals

But for the first time ever I felt no different afterward. Zip. Nada. Sweet F all. Driving home I wracked my unhappy brain. What else makes me happy? What else keeps me calm?


The Sea. Read More


Solo Living – A New Gaff for a Happy Brain


I’ve done it.

I’ve taken the plunge and signed a lease on an apartment all on my sweeny.

Will I be able to feed myself? Will I be able to sleep with all the lights off? Will I rock back and forth in the corner due to lack of human contact? Or become a crazy cat lady 50 years early? Read More


Where Have I Been? Where Am I Off To & a Delish Rice Bowl Recipe

Hello lovely folks. It’s nighttime and I’m writing this by candlelight (because the light fixture is broken, and also because its bohemian and such) and listening to my new favourite thing, Seasick Steve.

I’ve been trying and trying to have a new blog up each week, but sadly it’s just not possible yet, fingers crossed for the winter as I’m planning on a lot of exciting recipe testing in the coming months.

So a little, but not a lot, on this week just gone before I get into the tasty recipe! Read More


Perception Deception – Knowing What You Don’t Know

I think I don’t need to apologies for this one any more, but I’ll lash out one more disclaimer out there anyway. I do spend most of my time toting a good diet and an active life, but I am becoming more and more aware as I get older the importance of looking after you mental health too.

What good is the machine if the computer that’s running it is fried? Read More


Ethically Grown

Just a short post this weeks folks as I’m running around like a mad woman, just bought a new car and getting things ready for my cookbook shoot at the end of the month…eeeek very exciting! Read More


Aubergine Parmesan – Flirting with the Vegan Persuasion


While I myself am a self confessed raging carnivore and amn’t likely to go full on veggie again any time soon, I absolutely love to cook for vegans. Not only are they getting the good karma of not eating fluffy little critters, they are also doing their bit for the environment, reducing their carbon footprint by not consuming dairy and meat. With all that goodness in mind I try to do a good few meals a week vegan and also like to expand my plant based repetoire of recipes so that no vegan under my watch will have to eat another bloomin rice stuffed pepper or be relegated to beans on toast!So here is a creamy, decadent gluten free and vegan take on aubergine parmesan. Sure you won’t even know it’s good for ya! Read More