Surfer Girls SOS Beauty Bag – Guest Blog by Taralouise McCaughey

Well this is exciting! My first collaboration!
And there is no better person to be doing it with, than the lovely Finn of Fins Fit Food.

Finn and I have worked together before, and I’ve fallen in love with her and her cooking. I had never tasted gluten free food in the past, and had no real interest to be honest, but now I’m obsessed! Even though I’m not a coeliac and didn’t eat that healthily all the time, Finn’s Instagram page has inspired me so much. It really is like something out of a cookbook, which is not surprising, as her very own cookbook will be available soon!

I met up with Finn a few days ago, to talk about writing something for each other’s blog. Now, as any of my followers will know, I’m a big makeup lover and have given Finn a few tips on basic beauty and lazy-day makeup. This is how Dr PawPaw lip and cheek tint came to her rescue, which she has now adapted to suit her surfing lifestyle. Finn even wore Dr PawPaw for our meeting, which put a smile on my face knowing that at least one person had taken my advice!

Anyway, during our meeting Finn asked me about creating a “rescue bag” for surfer girls. Now I’m not going to lie, the last time I surfed was four years ago and I highly doubt my wetsuit would get past my arse these days, although my surfboard does look brilliant holding up my washing…. Still, I listened to Finn, and a few local surfer girls, who told me what effect sea water, constant sun, wind and rain has on their hair and skin.
Now, hopefully, my little guide will help a few of you beautiful surfer girls keep your skin and hair in tip-top condition…. Read More


Surfer Girls Weekend


People dont always think of holidaying close to home, let alone 50 minutes from where they live. But this weekend myself and one of my best friends and surfer girls Aoife, did just that. I live in the little seaside town of Bundoran in Donegal. But down the coast in Sligo is another lovely spot called Strandhill. This is where I first learned to surf 10 years ago so it was awesome to get to go back to surf, cook, go on random adventures and seriously relax after what has been a busy few months. Read More

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A Year and A Day – Donegal Living and a chilled weekends reading

Hi Folks!


I hope we’re all well this fine sunny Sunday! Just a short little blog running into a busy week. It was so awesome to be featured in the Indo this weekend talking about my beloved adopted county Donegal you can find the link to that article here. Read More

Healthy taco fries

Healthy Taco Fries & My Top Surf Films for this Weekend

So guys last week has got the be the best cracker of a new year I’ve ever had. After an amazing Fraoch Yoga New Years retreat in Galway (check out the post here), last week was topped off by doing my first ever live cooking demo on TV3 with the lovely folks at Ireland AM. So for the chilling January week that’s in it, here’s the tasty, but not so naughty taco fries recipe that I made for Ciara and the boys. It’s the perfect healthy fakeaway for a night in and here’s my top 10 surf films to get you motivated to get in the water for the New Year! Read More


A Great Tool for a New Approach to the New Year


Happy New Year! How was your Christmas? Myself, I was working a lot on the run up and right after, but the day itself was a wonderful low key affair. My mom and I had a tasty breakfast, a long walk on Mullaghmore Beach and some fantastic chats about the tough year  just past and our optimism for the one to come.

walk essentials, hot punch, wool throw and waterproof mac

walk essentials, hot punch, wool throw and waterproof mac

Read on for to hear about a delicious Christmas and the amazing tool to set you up for 2017. Read More

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Props & Tonics – 5 Tips for a happy healthy life in 2017

I’m going to start with a little negativity to move on with some guns blazing positivity.
2016 was a plonker of a year. There was serious health problems, personal upsets and the deepest loss I’ve ever felt. Goodbye 2016, party’s over, please leave. On the flip side this was the year I got my first book deal, completed a lifelong dream of doing a culinary arts course, lived for two months in the Canary Islands and got my little dream apartment by the sea. One of the things I realised as 2016 went on though and all the crapola started to get to me, is that I needed more of what my dad calls “props & tonics” for a happier healthier life in 2017. Read More


Kombucha – Look after your gut this Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year for tasty treats, parties and (for me anyway) a few hot ports. All of this can leave us feeling a bit bloated and lethargic to say the least.  Christmas has come early for me this year in the form of a kombuch scobi. What on earth is a scobi you ask?  Read More


Get up & Gofio – A Gluten Free Superfood for Breakfast


Normally I shy away from the word “superfood”, I think food marketing folks use it to deceive innocent shoppers. They’re like “add this mysterious green powder to your breakfast and you can eat all the shite food you want to all day after that”. To me a superfood is something that a) bolsters my diet in some amazing way – like physillium husks for fibre, chia seeds to replace eggs, coconut oil for, well, everything – or b) keeps me full for a long time. The combination of being a little person with an active metabolism and living in a cold climate means I’m fairly hungry a lot of the time! Read More


Speculaas – A New Christmas flavour to spice up the holidays

You know the feeling you get when you get new clothes, a new video game or master a new sport? Well strangely enough, I get that feeling from tasting a taste I’ve never tasted before. Of the top of my head the “normal flavours” I would have encountered with my family meals as a child were – Italian, american, indian, french and a little Mexican.

Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a bit of flavour rut, so I get very very very excited when I figure out how to use an new ingredient. The star of the hour? Mace! Read More


Aquatic Fright – My Top 5 Sea Scary Films for This Halloween

So myself and my friend Aoife have great ambitions for our costumes this coming Halloween, but with a few days of parties coming up, that’s quite a few hours of costume prep.

How on earth will we occupy ourselves?

Firstly we might have a go at these witches fingers from the Happy Pear (video here) and then balance out our nerves with a Zombie Cocktail from Jamie Oliver (video here). Read More