Feel Better – A Week of Eating Real Food & Energising Exercise You Enjoy


It’s funny how sometimes as something is starting to dawn on you the world gives you a push (or shove) in the right direction.

In the last month two things were beginning to bother me:

I felt like weightlifting (for me) was becoming too much about looks


I had this nagging feeling that my sports supplements (between protein powders and bars) might not be the holy grail of healthy snacks and quick and easy options that I had always thought

While I love bodybuilding (I’ve been lifting weights fairly consistently now for nearly 4 years) I felt like the macro tracking, supplement planning and the division of days into body parts was wearing me down. The fun was being sucked out of the gym and if I couldn’t see abs or I was going over my daily macros I was beating myself up about it. I guess this is kind of the dark side of the fitness world!

Really want a boyfriend? He shows up when you stop looking and are just happy being yourself. Trying to lose a few pounds but the slavish exercise and diet plan aren’t getting you anywhere? That’s probably those stress hormones messing with you. Read More


Popeye Pancakes

I’ve always been a complete pancake fiend, when I was diagnosed as a coeliac I did my best to make gluten free pancakes. Now that I’m a macro tracking nutjob it was time to up the game. These Popeye protein pancakes are are also full of healhty carbs and fats. They are the perfect treat with bacon and maple syrup or good as gold with Walden Farm Pancake syrup and 0% Greek yogurt.

A complete pleb at the actual pan section of pancake making, these beauties were cooked up by the wonderful Shane Grannell.

These guys have become a bit of a Sunday ritual for me and I hope they will for you too. Also they’re even better then a hug if you’re having a crappy day. Read More


“Oh My God” Danish Brød – Gluten Free Low-Carb Bread


Last summer I got an amazing opportunity to travel to Copenhagen in Demark to attend and speak at a conference on Cold-Water Corals.

We spent a few days outside of Copenhagen in an area called Faxe, famous for coral fossils and the K-T boundary (if you’re not a dinosaur nerd, look it up!). After a wild night in with the other young conference attendees, I was delighted when the guesthouse mama made us a massive breakfast in the morning.

She plonked us in front of a table of homemade yogurt, fresh fruit and eggs from the chickens (quelle surprise eggs in Denmark are actually white!).
After explaining that I was coeliac her face fell and there was some grumbling about how if the conference organisers had warned her there would have been many gluten free options. Then Eureka! Her eyes lit up and she legged it into the kitchen.

What she brought back was a game changer. An amazing, crunchy, nutty morish sort of seed bread. I’d never seen anything like it. Small and thinly sliced its rich and you cant eat too much (challenge excepted says you) but oh my god it was amazing!

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Yogalicious – Fraoch Yoga Retreat in the Gyreum Ecolodge

For years I’ve been hearing about the phenomenal Fraoch Yoga retreats runs by Fiona (Fink) Hallinan and Luna Dolezal in the Gyreum Ecolodge and Coolattin Lodge in Wicklow.

Last month I got the chance to tag along, help out and see one of these amazing weekends in action.
The weekends have a simple but oh so delicious layout. Engaging yoga practice, mind blowing meals and some seriously good craic. Read More


Mermaid Fit – Free Diving Course with the Surf Girls

So sometimes you plan a good weekend and you think “hey this could be kind of cool”. Other times you plan a weekend with some of your besties (and long standing surf crew) and then it ends up being THE MOST AWESOME WEEKEND EVER. Which is exactly what happened. Free diving, crazy party girl dancing and a little Magic Mike to boot. That’s for another post though, this is all about the ocean! Read More


Amazing New Irish Product – This is Seaweed Sea Spaghetti with Smoked Salmon and Pesto

IMG_0142This is one of my favourite recipes to play around with, it’s simple, wows guests no end and earns you some serious foodie credits. Made with a favourite new ingredient of mine, from a local Irish company This Is Seaweed’s (check out their site here) sea spaghetti, it can be whipped up in under a half hour.

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Ireland’s Blue Economy and Green Food – Nutramara Conference 2015

nm1 So naturally when I found there was going to be a conference that married marine biology, with sports nutrition, functional foods and artisan food producer, I literally shook with excitement. All my babies in one place!
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Meathead Caffeine – Simple Protein Coffee to Kick Sugar’s Ass

protein coffee 2I’d like to blame a fast metabolism, but whatever it is, no matter how massive my breakfast I just HAVE to have something by 11am.
A little trick I found a while ago when I didn’t have any protein treats to hand (and didn’t want to give into a sugary coffee) was to add a half or whole scoop of my favourite vanilla protein to my caffeine hit of the day.
This recipe is also great if you’ve already incorporated whey protein into your diet, but are getting seriously bored of protein shakes! Here I’ve added quick and simple directions what will put a spring in your step and help you fight off the sweet tooth demons while those around you are tucking into a muffin with coffee!
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Insanely Easy Almond Milk

So after lots of times watching wonderful youtubers making delicious looking almond milk with Vitamix things, food processors and muslin bags, I decided to have a crack at it myself. I’ve been a bit bored with my coffee lately and thought almond protein coffee would be pretty slick.

Yep my almond milk bottle is yellow, just to freak out guests

However I  had no plans to leave my house and go to Mothercare, be seen by friends mothers and start rumours about being “up the Damien” – preggo to non Irish folk – and also didn’t feel like investing beyond my already well loved hand blender.

So after some messing about and lots of giggling about bags that look like cow udders, I perfected my insanely simple recipe and was smugly offering guests homemade almond milk for their porridge and coffees.

I implore, no demand, that you try is recipe, it will make all those store bought almond milks seem junky and wildy expensive and its simple as anything and cheap as chips!
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Marine Biologist’s Guilt – My Top 5 Tips for Eating Seafood Sustainably

From fitness magazine articles to government health adverts, we are constantly hearing about how essential seafood is to a healthy balanced diet. White fish and shellfish are a great source of protein, while oily fish like mackerel are a perfect source of omega fatty acids, i.e. the good fats.


“Hmm maybe I’ll have lobster for dinner”

On the first day of my Marine Biology Masters, my class mates cast me appalled and disapproving looks when I admitted I ate seafood. I figured, hey Arial ate it too, but no one ever talks about that! As the year went on however, I began to feel more and more guilty about the chowing down on my favourite protein source.

Determined not to feel deprived, but not not to be a bollox to the ocean – my source of relaxation and play – I set out to find the simplest ways to eat more sustainable seafood. I’m dying to share it with you, so to keep it simple I’ll cut out the year of reading scientific papers for you – most of which was fairly traumatising anyway.
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