A New Year, Better Health and a Bigger Wallet

Turn your back on expensive kitchen bits, fancy fitness gadgets and extortionate grocery bills!

So I know some folks don’t believe in New Years resolutions, since they seem like they’re doomed to fail. New gym memberships go unused, diets get cheated on and dry Januarys get, well, a little wet. Read More


Vanilla Boozemas – Posh Pressies & Food Snobbery

So I meant to write this back at the start of November, but with a new job and some exciting prospects I’m working on, I barely remember to tie my shoes never mind prep for Christmas presents before Halloween.

So lets talk about a sexy little thing that gets a bad rep these days. Read More


A Dip a Day – 50 Days in Water World

So after I finished off the Watober challenge (read about it here) I had decided to keep going. I saw myself hopping in the Irish Sea, Atlantic Ocean and any random lake pretty much for the foreseeable future. When would it stop? I fantisized about being the girl who swam in the sea for an entire year, grew gills like Kevin Costner in Water World and communed with seals. Weird stuff like that. Read More


Buck It – A Little Experimentation is a Good Thing

I’m a fiend for getting in a breakfast rut. If you are what you eat, sometimes I probably porridge. While it’s great to be hot, it’s not nice to be, eh, gluey. Read More


What Was Watober? – Negative Ions, Positive Vibes and Some Decent Waves

Water + October = A baseline of happiness everyday

I’m a huge fan of word equations, I blame my undergrad geophysics lecturer he was a fiend for them.
On the first of October I was driving home from the gym. I was in a foul humour. I can’t remember why to be honest, I was just mad that the gym hadn’t fixed it.
So I got thinking about what makes me happy and chilled. When I was little I was kid that would leg it, ditch their close and stay in the sea or lake till they went blue. My fondest college memories are trips with my mermaid girls (our other adventures here) with the college surf club and learning to kiteboard on a lake on Achill Island.
So the answer seemed simple.
Water. Read More


The Scone Quest & the Southern Style Biscuit – Gluten Free Simplicity

My new post workweek obsession seems to involve binge watching Rachel’s Coastal Cooking and drinking copious amounts of mint tea (its still going good in the garden). The most recent episode highlighted my biggest baking blindside.

I’ve never made scones.

Like, ever.

I realised muffins were mom’s baking thing and cakes were Nana’s thing. No one ever showed me scones, so I never craved gluten free scones once I was diagnosed. Sure I like them, but the GF ones I’ve gotten in cafes were always a bit, er, brittle?

So after practically licking the screen to get at Rachel’s spicy cheesy scones (heaven), I was on the phone to Nana.

“ Could you pretty please impart the scone wisdom down the generations?”

She was game to try out GF. I was willing to measure things in ounces. Read More

soda bread close

Real Bread – Science, No Subsititutions, No Gluten and No BS

Gluten free living in getting pretty popular these days. For a coeliac, this is pretty awesome. You want Milano’s pizza? Done. Big hefty Counter Burger? No prob. But gluten free bread, and I’m generalising here, still seems a bit…meh. Read More


Feel Better – A Week of Eating Real Food & Energising Exercise You Enjoy


It’s funny how sometimes as something is starting to dawn on you the world gives you a push (or shove) in the right direction.

In the last month two things were beginning to bother me:

I felt like weightlifting (for me) was becoming too much about looks


I had this nagging feeling that my sports supplements (between protein powders and bars) might not be the holy grail of healthy snacks and quick and easy options that I had always thought

While I love bodybuilding (I’ve been lifting weights fairly consistently now for nearly 4 years) I felt like the macro tracking, supplement planning and the division of days into body parts was wearing me down. The fun was being sucked out of the gym and if I couldn’t see abs or I was going over my daily macros I was beating myself up about it. I guess this is kind of the dark side of the fitness world!

Really want a boyfriend? He shows up when you stop looking and are just happy being yourself. Trying to lose a few pounds but the slavish exercise and diet plan aren’t getting you anywhere? That’s probably those stress hormones messing with you. Read More


Popeye Pancakes

I’ve always been a complete pancake fiend, when I was diagnosed as a coeliac I did my best to make gluten free pancakes. Now that I’m a macro tracking nutjob it was time to up the game. These Popeye protein pancakes are are also full of healhty carbs and fats. They are the perfect treat with bacon and maple syrup or good as gold with Walden Farm Pancake syrup and 0% Greek yogurt.

A complete pleb at the actual pan section of pancake making, these beauties were cooked up by the wonderful Shane Grannell.

These guys have become a bit of a Sunday ritual for me and I hope they will for you too. Also they’re even better then a hug if you’re having a crappy day. Read More


“Oh My God” Danish Brød – Gluten Free Low-Carb Bread


Last summer I got an amazing opportunity to travel to Copenhagen in Demark to attend and speak at a conference on Cold-Water Corals.

We spent a few days outside of Copenhagen in an area called Faxe, famous for coral fossils and the K-T boundary (if you’re not a dinosaur nerd, look it up!). After a wild night in with the other young conference attendees, I was delighted when the guesthouse mama made us a massive breakfast in the morning.

She plonked us in front of a table of homemade yogurt, fresh fruit and eggs from the chickens (quelle surprise eggs in Denmark are actually white!).
After explaining that I was coeliac her face fell and there was some grumbling about how if the conference organisers had warned her there would have been many gluten free options. Then Eureka! Her eyes lit up and she legged it into the kitchen.

What she brought back was a game changer. An amazing, crunchy, nutty morish sort of seed bread. I’d never seen anything like it. Small and thinly sliced its rich and you cant eat too much (challenge excepted says you) but oh my god it was amazing!

Read More

Praise for Finn’s World

"Finn is both sophisticated and wild, like her food and her surfboard!" - Susan Jane White, Bestselling cookbook author, Food Nut and Independent Columnist extraordinaire

"Finn's funs and refreshing recipes reflect her love of nature and the outdoors". - Katie Jane Sanderson, Chef, Creator of Dillisk, Living Dinners & many other wonderful food projects

"It’s an exuberant, youthful work, in which the recipes happen to be gluten-free but are also simple and inexpensive to make." - The Irish Times

"...Finn Ní Fhaoláin has become Ireland’s latest foodie sensation..." -