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Nutrition for the Non Believer – Gluten Free Low Carb “Pizza”

I’ve been very active since I was a nipper (picked this phrase up on a recent trip to England, I love it!). Swimming as a child, athletics and dancing as a teenager and competing in surfing and rowing during college years. I wasn’t until I found out I was a coeliac that I started paying any attention to the gas I was putting in the tank, so to speak.

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Welcome to Fin’s Fit Food!


fin_blogpic5I’ve been an active water baby and loved sports since I was a nipper, but my true love affair with living a fit and healthy lifestyle didn’t start until 2009 when I was diagnosed as a coeliac. Diagnosis was I and was like shizz what am I supposed to do now?

As a vegetarian at the time I literally felt like there were zero options left! Wheat was everywhere and a grim future of rice cakes was laid out before me. As everyone does when faced with a new challenge, I asked my old friend the internet what to do. I found amazing women (sorry lads I was biased at the start) living fit healthy lives (gluten free!) like the Tone It Up girls Karena and Katrina (see their awesome website and community here) or Brenda-Leigh Turner of Lean Secrets (her YouTube channel here). I knew I’d be just fine.

Over the last six years of successes – going from a basic swimmer to a beach lifeguard and working as a surf instructor – and complete muck ups – hemp protein muffins that stank up the house, blurgh – I’ve developed all sorts of strange tricks, healthy recipes and stumbled across handy little healthy snack ideas in the oddest of places. If, like me, you are in any kind of job (or a student) with irregular hours, long hours, shift work or work somewhere where you simply have no control over your cooking or don’t have access to a fully stocked gym then this blog is the one for you! I also came up with a lot of the recipes while in college so they won’t break the bank either and can usually be measured with a cup, tablespoon and a pint glass. Classy I know.

It was tough sometimes along the way not always having someone else who shared my passion for healthy eating – think housemate exclamations of “ew what’s that?!”, though in fairness chia seed pudding does look like frog spawn,yum – so I loved the idea of starting a blog where other coeliacs (old hats and the newly diagnosed),  people who are already into healthy eating or those just starting out could all come for information and edible inspiration.

The internet and the media in general are sooo full of wonky, sneaky health advice – I’m looking at you naughtly sugar ladened “healthy” granolas – that it sometimes seems impossible to know where to start. So this blog will share not just my recipes but also advice on how to maintain a decent exercise routine and diet while travelling and working your butt off. There will also be lots of stuff about the ocean, because, well, marine science and I love to surf and generally just play around in the sea!

If you get adventurous with any of the recipes I’d love to see them, I’m a chronic Instagram trawler so just lash #finsfitfood on the pic! My account is here, go nuts!


Praise for Finn’s World

"Finn is both sophisticated and wild, like her food and her surfboard!" - Susan Jane White, Bestselling cookbook author, Food Nut and Independent Columnist extraordinaire

"Finn's funs and refreshing recipes reflect her love of nature and the outdoors". - Katie Jane Sanderson, Chef, Creator of Dillisk, Living Dinners & many other wonderful food projects

"It’s an exuberant, youthful work, in which the recipes happen to be gluten-free but are also simple and inexpensive to make." - The Irish Times

"...Finn Ní Fhaoláin has become Ireland’s latest foodie sensation..." - www.buzz.ie