Aubergine Parmesan – Flirting with the Vegan Persuasion

  While I myself am a self confessed raging carnivore and amn’t likely to go full on veggie again any time soon, I absolutely love to cook for vegans. Not only are they getting the good karma of… Read More


Doing What you love NOW – A Childhood Dream that was Meant to Be a Midlife Crisis

When I was in college I used to joke with my friends that I would only work in science for a few years, I’d make my big bucks in the oil industry and then give it all up… Read More


Vanilla Boozemas – Posh Pressies & Food Snobbery

So I meant to write this back at the start of November, but with a new job and some exciting prospects I’m working on, I barely remember to tie my shoes never mind prep for Christmas presents before… Read More