My Top 5 Podcasts for Motivation, Creativity & Kicking Ass


Be it the fact that the radio in my van is on the fritz and I keep forgetting to call the dealer about it or that I have a tendency to listen to the same music on repeat all the time – I have found myself lately delving into the world of the podcast.

I was pretty late to the game to be honest, mostly because I found the app confusing – I’m a bit of a luddite. BUT having cracked it, I’m no addicted a recent trip to Lahinch (which is an 8 hour round trip for me) basically meant I had attended a business seminar because I listen to exactly 7 hours of podcasts. One hour for daydreaming. Anyhow. Read on dear reader to find out my top 5 podcasts (and youtube channels that I treat like podcasts) below!

Girlboss Media


This one is just my top top top, I’ve gone back and listened to EVERY episode since its inception. Sophia Amaruso founder of Girl Boss media is the creator of the insanely successful Nasty Gal, the author of #GIRLBOSS and also the inspiration for the Girl Boss show on Netflix. This podcast is my absolute favourite as its a perfect balance between motivational stories, interesting guests from literally all walks of life, helpful advice and a lot of laughs. For any lady looking to get into business, already in business or basically just wanting to nail life, listen to this. Also dudes love the book, so if you’re a dude, listen to it too!

No Limits


No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis comes in at firm number 2 with nearly equal levels of listening to everything since the podcasts inception. Rebecca has had an amazing array of guests and some of the most powerful women IN THE WORLD and gets them to chat about how they did it. My favourite part of each episode is when she asks what was the worst advice they ever received and its very interesting that often their rejected of this advice has been whats spurred them on to do amazing things.

The Financial Diet


Ok so this is actually a Youtube channel, but I listen to it like a podcast as the videos are usually in a sit down chat sort of style so its great to have the laptop on the counter in the kitchen while you do dishes, or on your bed while you tidy you room etc. These guys offer the most fantastic financial advice from the millennial to the millennial (but really its good for anyone). They have helped me get a way more grown up handle on finance and mostly made me horrified that this sort of thing isnt taught in school. Show these videos to your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, friends, teachers, dog, everyone. Practical tips that you can do NOW not when mystery dream money shows up in the future!

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes


So this is actually a podcast and a youtube channel, but for some reason I do like to have it on youtube instead as many of the people he interviews I’ve never heard of so this is my chance to see them for the first time. His topics are very broad from finance to health to spirituality. I really like this one stop shop for introducing me to new people and topics!

Big Magic


I nearly forgot about this one as there hasn’t been many posts lately as the wonderful Liz Gilbert is currently going through some very tough times. But for anyone in an even vaguely creative field, firstly go read Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear and secondly, listen to this podcast. Liz interviews different creatives from many fields from literature, to music, to stand up comedy and then also gives practical advice from experts to listeners who are chatted too during certain podcast episodes. The creatives and even the listeners that get featured all have amazing stories and the advice here is brilliant. Before reading this book and listening to the podcast I had never realised how much fear hows people back in any kind of creative endeavour so give this one a go!

So guys I hope you’re enjoyed my top 5 inspirational podcasts and videos, let me know what you get listening too and I’d love to hear your favourites. So please comment down below or across any of my social media. I devour these things at the rate of knots so its always great to find new ones!

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