Try Out Minimalism for a Happier, More Stress-Free Life


Good morning folks! Minimalism means many things to many people and the current hardcore trends that involved only owning x amount of items or being militant about how simply you decorate your house or decide what you will eat are NOT what I’m aiming for.

HOWEVER I have recently become a little obsessed with the concept of minimalism. In the busy world we live in and the not-so-structured world of self-employment that I live in, a life bogged down with stuff can feel well, messy, tiring and bogged down with stuff. Whether its clogged up “to do” lists or a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear.  I’ve already started implementing a few “minimalist” changes into my life and I can tell you the rewards have felt fairly instantaneous with less time wasted searching through stuff I dont need, for the stuff I do need and generally just a pervading feeling of calm! So in no particular order!

Check out Jenny Mustard on Youtube

This wonderful little Scandi has great how-to videos for capsule wardrobes, a decluttered home and is generally just wonderful to watch with a good sharp sense of humour (and no she wont tell you you’re only allowed 33 items in your wardrobe, as she is in fact a fashion blogger).

Watch The Minimalists on Netflix.

I think it was actually their Ted Talk that first introduced me to the concept. When you learn to pack your bags for travel like these guys, your life is changed forever!

Have a “No Spend Day”

When I heard of this I scoffed, sure there’s loads of days I dont spend money. WRONG! Be it random stuff at the supermarket or even just browsing a thrift store, I’m picking up stuff I dont need. For a bonus I take a nice reusable keep cup and meet friends, so I’m still out and about without spending.

Downsize Your Beauty Routine

I got a lot of happy feedback on my blog about making beauty products at home (link her) and it goes without saying – beauty companies make money selling us things we dont need. I can proudly say though I spend a lot of time getting haggard by the Atlantic sea and wind, I still get asked about skin and hair care, good sign right? The answer? Subbing coconut oil our for all moisturisers & hair masks. My only spurlges are Dr Hauschka neem oil nail pen and a few different bits from Trilogy (both all natural check them out!).

Check out Trash is for Tossers

Lots of tips on how to reduce the amount of crap you end up taking home from the supermarket (in tearms of packaging). Bonus – reduce your bin bills big time!

Pick Up Limes

She has a great advice on how to declutter without overwhelming yourself. I went through my house, and when it got tough just my shelves, one by one deciding “do I love it” or “do I use it”. Three weeks later 4 refuse sack sized bins were donate in clothes, books and jewellery. You can of course sell things too, but that was too much fuss for me.

Take your time!

I know when I’ve tried to cut down my possessions and cut back my schedule all in one go its been too drastic and I regretted it or too overwhelming and I never started. So with that in mind I started with “stuff” and now I’m learning to stretch goals and plans across longer lengths of time. A great trick is to add the sticky notes app (on mac but also on windows I think) to your desktop. I’ve created notes for – stuff to do this year, things I’d like to do this year, books to read 2018, to do Jan/Feb and Trips I’d like to take in 2018. That way its all there everytime I open the laptop, reminding me of my goals and plans, but not saying I have to do them ALL NOW!sticky-notes-2-screenshot

I’d love to hear what tips above you’re thinking of trying or what suggestions you have for a more minimal life in the comments below!

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