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I'm Finn and welcome to Finn's World.

About the blog

Finn's World

This blog started out a few years back as Fins Fit Food and was all about where I delve into my passions; the ocean (fins get it?), fitness and healthy, wholesome food. But over the last year or so it has grown to more, I also love to talk about mental health and how to live a more balanced life. I'm not one of those healthy foodie people who is going to tell you I think a salad tastes better then a McDonalds or feels you should mortgage your house to buy a cold press juicer. For me a healthy life is about balancing the mind and body through good food, fun exercise, living in a good environment and surrounding yourself with great people.

About Finn's World 

I can't believe it's not cardboard thick-crust pizza

Finn's World is made up of my foodie writing work - this blog and my first cookbook, also called Finn's World, (released 2017 and reached no. 1 cookbook in Ireland in its first month) and my adventures wandering around the country as a rogue healthy caterer. I've fed from 5 to 100 hundred for baby budgets or big ones. I focus on fun, healthy food, thats not fussy and is perfect to share as a group. For more info on my catering feel free to drop me a line at finsfitfood@gmail.com

A bit about me

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Diagnosed as a coeliac 7 years ago like my grandpops before me I've spent the time since dedicating my hours in the kitchen to making delicious gluten free food that won't break the bank and isnt full of sneaky sugar. 

Check out the video below with the lovely folks as Ocean Fm for a bit more of the background. 




While I completed a culinary course last year, my background is actually marine science. In university i completed a BSc in Earth and Ocean Science and an MSc in Marine Biology and worked for some time afterwards on scientific research ships. With that in mind a lot of my recipes and my love of watersports (namely surfing, SUPing and diving) will shine through again and again throughout the blog. I've never lived far from the sea and for me its a crucial part of my lifestyle be it the seaweed in a japanese inspired dish or a walk on the beach after having a bad day. 

I'd love to see what you guys are making and you can find me over on my social media posting new tricks and recipes at:
@fins_fit_food on Twitter
@finsfitfood on Instagram

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